Duplex box

High precision dual lead worm and wheel

• Special alloy of wheel for wearing resistance
• Almost zero backlash suitable for high precision and stable transmission requirement
• Backlash adjustable for long life time and low maintenance cost

High precision output

• Almost zero backlashed dual lead worm and wheel for high precision
• Output accuracy ≤1arcmin
• 0.5 arc min accuracy upon customers’ request
• Backlash ≤1arcmin
• Maximum input speed up to 4000rpm


ZC profile and multiple thread worms and wheels

Unique gear tooth geometry enables the worm with concave profile coupled with convex shaped wheels, ensuring better flank meshing and very low Hertzian stress for high torque, high efficiency, high overload capability and longer life time.

It is applied to drive systems of escalators and elevators

Rotary Table

Dual lead worms and wheels

The backlash can be close to zero to increase the accuracy
The backlash is adjustable to recover the accuracy while wearing down
The quality level is up to DIN2.

Solar System

Dual lead worm and wheel heliostat

The dual lead worm and wheel with high accuracy and the backlash closed to zero makes heliostat accurately reflects the sun to the solar receiver.
The backlash of dual lead worm and wheel heliostat is adjustable while wearing down to recover the accuracy. It is not necessary to replace the worm and wheel for maintenance.
The dual lead worm and wheel heliostat is suitable for small mirrors (15-25 square meters).

Elevation drive

The advantage of worm and wheel type is self locking.
The advantages of ball screw are high sensitivity and accurate transmission.
The advantages of front end for universal joint bearing are large load capacity, high impact resistance, high wear resistance, self aligning and good lubrication.

Thanks to the technical transfer and supports from Germany and Taiwan, we have had the strong backing to
allow development and manufacturing high precision worms and wheels.

We offer tailor-made services for our customers, and optimization and modernization if required.
The uncompromising of our customer-oriented products quality are the pillars of our commercial success.
TUV ISO 9001 quality system certified has proof of our commitment
to quality and continuous improvement.